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    To leave your name to be mentioned during our prayer times, please leave your name using the “add a comment” box below! Also if you want to add your name to the prayer list be specific on your request. Ex: Please add (your name first) and (your husband/partner name if applicable second) to the prayer list. Also please feel free to add a comment by your ‘add my name request” if you like, we always love to hear from you.

    Our goal is to have as many people as possible praying at the same time. We believe that it is very important to connect and bring together as many people as possible who are simultaneously praying for the same purpose. The group prayer will maximize our positive thoughts so we can achieve greater benefits.

    “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

    If you can pray during one or more of the times scheduled it would be greatly appreciated by all.

    Our praying times for every Saturday and Sunday will be at: 6:00am, Noon, 5:00pm and 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).

    Here are some of the corresponding TIME ZONES!!!
    Hawaii – 1:00am, 7:00am, Noon & 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Alaska – 2:00am, 8:00am, 1:00pm & 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Pacific – 3:00am, 9:00am, 2:00pm & 7:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Mountain – 4:00am, 10:00am, 3:00pm & 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Central – 5:00am, 11:00am, 4:00pm & 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Eastern – 6:00am, Noon, 5:00pm & 10:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
    Atlantic – 7:00am, 1:00pm, 6:00pm & 11:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

    If we don’t have your country’s time zone listed you can calculate your corresponding time-zone by visiting the web site. If our times do not work for you and you need an alternate time, please contact us at: and we will try to work out something to better suit your needs.

    “Praying 4a Baby”
    ©2004 – 2015 Written by: Praying4ababy

    This prayer was written as a group prayer to be said by several people at the same time, but of course it can be modified for use by just one person. Please see how we can pray together above.

    The Prayer:

    Here in this tranquil moment in communion with you dear God, we renew our faith, empty our mind from negativity and free ourselves of all concerns; as we turn our thoughts to your presence we feel safe and calm.

    As we pray to be blessed with children:

    We thank you dear God for all the blessings you have provided us and for the eternal love that comes every day from your presence in our lives.

    As we pray to be blessed with children:

    We embrace your healing light to restore our bodies, mind and soul from all that is keeping us from conceiving children so we can welcome the joy of parenthood into our lives.

    As we pray to be blessed with children:

    We strive to gain strength, patience and the ability to face the difficulties of infertility with high spirits, confidence and serenity knowing that your love and infinite wisdom are guiding our feet to the right path leading us to the children we have been awaiting for so long.

    As we pray to be blessed with children:

    We open ourselves to your love dear God, and we humbly ask you, the creator of life, to grant us the precious gift that we so longingly seek: the ability to bring children to the love of our families, children whom we will raise to know your name and your infinite love.

    As we pray to be blessed with children:

    We ask for the energy and the vitality to take us through the challenges and rewards of pregnancy and to carry our children to term and to be blessed with a safe delivery.

    As we pray for (mention all the names):

    Lolita and Leon (New Zealand)

    Evon and Jason

    Emily and Finley

    Edlyn and Scooter (Georgia)

    Victory and Aaron

    Shini and Vinod

    Jennifer and Ranjith

    Pricella and Ciro

    Yesenia and Carlos (Texas)

    Cynthia and Roy (Philippines)

    Jennifer and Matthew (Oak Ridge, N.J)

    Vidhya and Karthik (California)

    Aley and Favio

    Julie and Joseph (NY)

    Margaret and Matt

    Vicentia and Brien

    Charmel and Eric (Texas)

    Marsha and Doug

    Nana and Sena

    Cindy and Paul (New York)

    Debbie and Rodrigio (Argentina)

    Amy and Paul (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Keena and Chad

    Holly and Dustin (ONT)

    Lindsay and Daniel (Texas)

    Dawn and Logan (Florida)

    Maricruz and Francisco ( California )

    Leny and Jing (CA)

    Kristina and Adam (Ohio)


    Annie and Jan (Malaysia)


    Cheryl and Frank (Winnipeg, Canada)

    Diane and Heiko (Shanghai, China)

    Samantha and Curt (Montana)

    Cynthia and Markus (Germany)

    Tonya and Jason (Virginia)

    Cynthia and Markus (Germany)

    Summer and Grant (Chicago, IL)
    Megan and Mike (Indep, MO)
    Cynthia and Christian (NJ)
    Eliza And Kike
    Candy and Benny (Singapore)
    Cristina (Bucharest)
    Jennifer and Roy
    Maribel and Dennis (Philippines)
    Rosario and Edward (Philippines)
    Cherry and Jonel
    Genevieve and Justin
    Lillian L and Nick
    Stephanie and George (NJ)
    Dakota and Jordan (Arizona)
    Ajoke and Toyin (MD)
    Allyson and William (Louisiana)
    Jayson and Minerva (Philippines)
    Faiy and Bonnie
    Chumani and Chis (Australia)
    Shanica and Reginal (Florida)
    Kelly and William
    Ernestina and Frank
    Mahkeba and Aaron, Duluth, GA

    Christine and Dave
    Lenore and Richie, Staten Island, NY
    Maria and Don, Mountainside, NJ
    Elisabeth (IN)
    Mary Therese and Christopher
    Amy and David N. (Baden, Pa)
    Gladys and Frankie CA
    Zamia and Josejuan
    Amie and Bryan
    Jen and Matt
    Amy and David N. (PA)
    Amy and Fareed
    Becky and Tom (Beloit, Ohio)
    Danielle and James
    Tonya and Jason
    Diane and Greg
    Dhor and Ricky
    Jennifer and Madi (Michigan)
    Stephanie and Chris
    Sarah and Justin
    Susie and Jeff
    Pamella and Loreto
    Tasha and Adam
    Brenda and Fernando
    Chaitali and Punit (TX)
    Sarah and Raymond
    Astraa and Emmanuel
    Zhenia and Carlos
    Lori and Patrick
    Anne and Hub
    Melissa and David
    Nancy and Seth
    Maureen and Harry
    Lizzie and Gabe
    Lara and David- New York
    Meredith and Richard – California
    Paula and Michael
    Nellie and Nuno
    Cynthia and Francisco (CA)
    Allison and Jason
    Marial and Raymond (Amsterdam)
    Jolena and Jim (PA)
    Heather and Jason (Oregon)
    Julie and Mark
    Gina and Carmelo
    Korren and Tim
    Amy and Fareed
    Michelle and Rob
    Nicki and Peter
    Amber and Corey (Texas)
    Monica and Deiren
    Amanda and John
    Elaine and Jericho
    Kaye and Jeremy
    Shantika and Gilbert
    Laura and Patrick
    Queenetta and Xavier
    Elaine and Jericho (Philippines)
    Nancy and Mike
    Heaven and Justin
    La’Nee and Dontrell
    Rosa Delia and Carlos
    Julie and Eric
    Amy and David N., PA
    Jeanette and Patrick G. (PH)
    Kat and Buddy
    Carla and Jeff
    Kim and Tim – Adrian, Michigan
    Nancy and Carlo
    Jennifer and Robert
    Carmen and Patrick (Campbell, CA)
    Lisa and Jim. California
    Rina and Richie (Philippines)
    Stacie and Kasey – Ville Platte, LA
    Nibras and Sura – El Cajon, CA
    Amy and Fareed
    Tia and Scott
    Ladonna and Derrick
    Christine and Rob
    Jennifer and Charles
    Rhonda and Scott
    Madeline and David
    Shannon and Jamie
    Anne and Brian
    Cindy and Mike (Louisiana)
    Sabrina and Andre
    Missy and Sergio
    Patricia and Sean
    Jane and William, UK
    David and Amanda
    Jaime and Christopher
    Zeny and Jhong (Philippines)
    Desi and Say Yong
    Katherine and Christopher
    Adriana and Roberto (Montreal)
    Rita and Mark
    Nancy and Gary
    Alaina and Jeff (Canada)
    Monica and Mike (Canada)
    Yvonne and Joey (Sydney Australia)
    Krystle and Jacob ( Louisiana)
    Adeline and Daryl
    Liz and Joe
    Chrissy and Nate
    Michele and Greg
    Bertha and Nicholas
    Tiffany and Valerie
    Stacey and Michael
    Barbara and Alfred
    Mary-Clare and Phil (MA, USA)
    Jennifer and Jerome (Singapore)
    Ma. Dolores and Ricardo
    Paul and Abby
    Erin and Daniel
    Sharon and Rey
    Leslie and Lizandro
    Ellen Marie and Ritchie
    Rochelle and Gerald
    Angelica and Ryan
    Jeanine and Jim
    Candice and Brian
    Kelly and Gerard
    Annelis and Pedro
    Bernadine and Dayalan (South Africa)
    Sarah and Johnny
    Cori and Hardy
    Fiorella and Carsten (USA)
    Misty and Jordan
    Adriana and Javier
    Gohan and Yoceline
    Julie and James – Canton, MA
    Jesse and Paola (Arizona)
    Tammy and Michael
    Grace and Dennis
    Jennifer and Floyd
    Madeline and Ian
    Vianna K and K Ryan
    Stefania and Mario
    Heidi and Freddy
    Devon and Andrew
    Abby and Dennis
    Angel and Jose
    Trish and Jeremy (FL)
    Karyn and John
    Ashley and Adam
    Alissa and Newton
    Rebecca and Jason
    Victoria and Andre
    Tina and Joseph
    Steffanee and Tyler (Texas)
    Anna and Daniel
    Juanita and Ray (Malta)
    Wan and Albert
    Cecily and Jonathan
    Chandy and Jomie
    Dana and Eric
    Rosiana and Adrian
    Violeta and Dusan
    Julie and Mark
    Teresa and Carlos
    Lilia and Brian
    Christine and Marcello
    Melissa and Israel
    Hensie and Manolo
    Minerva and Jayson
    Nette and Paul
    Sandy and Keith
    Cathy and Guiesppe
    Erin and Igor
    Chin and Chris
    Mabel and Dennis
    Michelle and Les (Australia)
    Cathy and Giuseppe
    Heather and Tim
    Crystal and Sean
    Christine and Charles
    Paula and Michael
    Kumari and Eric
    Kim and Keith
    Jennifer and Jerome (Singapore)
    Risa and Richard (Philippines)
    Kris and Kimmie
    Brenda and Fernando
    Sophia and Joseph
    Edna and Scott
    Abdoulaye and Twininge
    Kayla and Joseph
    Melissa and Dave
    Julie and Jeff
    Tina and Santhosh
    Kathy and Mike
    Sue and Andy
    Gemma and Mark
    Reiko and Ryan
    Christina and Joe
    Maria and Josh (Nas Lemoore, CA)
    Susan and Chris
    Marva and Matthew
    Stephanie and Chris (Houston, Tx)
    Susie and Fernando
    Andrea and Tim
    Maricarmen and Marek
    Dawn and Terry
    Renu and Sanjeev
    Lisa and Sean
    Sonia and Alex
    Jennifer and Mark
    Brenda and Antonio
    Debora, NY
    Debbie and Tim
    Cecilia and Esteban
    Kelly and Fred
    Chevonne and Denve
    Loida and Ferdie
    Charles and Rosha (Durham, NC)
    Tiffany and Matthew
    Jenn and J Jr.
    Joan and Richard
    Kristin and Doug
    Mona and Michael
    Shu Yin and Taffie
    Lisa and Scott
    Anne and Steve
    Rebecca and Brad
    Kathyrin and Steven
    Binu and Beena
    Laura Lee and Shawn
    Barbara and Paul
    Debby and Greg
    Alicia and Delafayette (TX)
    Christy and Edward (Hawaii)
    Cheryl and Bob
    Jessica and Jonathan
    Stephanie and John
    Xaverie and Eric (Singapore)
    Cathy and Kieran
    Bianca and Roy (Texas)
    Shetal and Moses
    Jill and Ric
    Verina and Ferdinand
    Tiana and Rayshon
    Farrah and Husband
    Maria and Brendan
    Vinitha and Jerome
    Ruxan and George (Dubai)
    Rachel and Elmer (Dubai)
    Lisa and Bobby
    Lynn and Alan
    Cheryl and Michael
    Michele and Kyle (New York)
    Ana and Joe
    Anina and Wimpie
    Laura and Dong
    Melissa and Larry
    Jennifer and Kenny (NB Canada)
    Stacie and Will
    Sara and David
    Kellie and Darrell (Louisiana)
    Sarah and John
    Sandra and Samuel
    Sharon and Jeff (Texas)
    Kari and William
    Michael and Jill
    Barbara and Paulie
    Vanitha and Pandiyan
    Kim and Neal
    Nereida and Noe
    Jean and Alfred
    Joan and Mike (Philippines)
    Jazmine and Martin
    Murphy and Feritz
    Nina and John
    Kristi and Mike (FL)
    Eva and Jack
    Sandra and Tom (MI)
    Kylie and Frank
    Michelle and Kris (Illinois)
    Annette and Michael
    Allison and Stanley
    Cherry and Jonel
    Jomie and Chandy
    Kelly and Wil
    Janet and Robert
    Amanda and Cal
    Peachy and Gerard
    Christine and Ryan
    Michelle and David
    Meagan and Ryan (Maize, KS)
    Asia and Roderick
    Naty and Jeff (CA – USA)
    Elizabeth and Eric
    Arianne and Jaime
    Sandra and Sam
    Katie and Pete
    Vilma and Boboy
    Laura and Keith (VA)
    Lisa and Jese
    Mary and David
    Maria and Guillermo
    Mary and Tony (IN)
    Ana and Sherwin
    Leslie and Robert
    Shenika and Radee
    Robin and Daniel (Georgia)
    Jude and Chinenye
    Sandra and Sam (San Antonio, TX)
    Dorothea and Robert
    Nichole and Joe (Connecticut)
    Kristina and Leonard
    Dena and Tim
    Shelley and Brian
    Sallie and George, DE
    Jennifer and Jerome (Singapore)
    B and C Gordon (Connecticut)
    Angelina and Kevin
    Marisa and Jason
    Eva and Mark
    Virginia and Antoino
    Kim and Kevin (Mississippi)
    Jennifer and Eric
    Christina and Luigi
    Tiffany and Fred
    Sk and CK (Richmond)
    Mairead and John
    Cyndi and Nic (Kennesaw, GA)
    Joan Grace and Jose
    Jasmine and Servy
    Joan and Jess
    Lisa and JT
    Jeri and Mike
    JP and Ben
    Cherry and Jonel
    Christina and Louis
    Karla and Ken
    Rebecca and Husband
    Jackie and August
    Natalie and husband
    Kimberly and Seth
    Betty and Sylvester
    Yeimi and Juan (California)
    Jennifer and Matthew
    Sylvie and Daren
    Gina and Chris
    Katherine and Drew
    Tina and Kerry
    Ndu and Arthur (Nairobi, Kenya)
    Rob and Jae (Guam)
    Rebecca and Kris
    Allen and Roy (Philippines)
    Josephine and Vincent (California)
    Jen and Steve
    Sue Chaz and Todd
    Dang and Husband (Philippines)
    Julie and Ar-Ar
    Heather and husband
    Mandy and Freddy
    Denise and Sagren
    Donna and Joe from Mississauga
    Nicole and Chris from Massapequa
    Jasmine and Oscar
    Jayanthi and Nesa
    Jessica and Drew
    Jasmin and Joshua
    Aimee and Mark
    Carmen and husband
    Lesley and Allen (Ontario, Canada)
    Emily and husband
    Sarah and Dan
    Paige and Brandon
    Beth and Carl
    Carley and Craig
    Joanna and Derek
    Malika and Anthony
    Ariel and Gregorio
    Amy and Daniel
    Janet and Randy (Ohio)
    Norma and Francisco
    Ria and Ritchie
    Eloisa and Ivan
    Maria and Don, NY
    Emily (Georgia)
    Marie, NY
    Sarah and Jeff (Massachusetts)
    Simone and Marlon (Philippines)
    Patty and Ariel
    Marcie and Scott
    Jennifer and Stephen
    Nicole and Robert (CO)
    Petrucia and Rodrigo
    Heidi and Chad
    Mary and Jacob
    Jocelyn and Eduardo
    Paula and Curt
    Joan and Mark
    Grace and Joe
    Allen and Roy (Philippines)
    Janet and Augusto (Philippines)
    Christine and Fabio (New York)
    Christine and David (Virginia)
    Jocelyn and Jewel
    Nicole and Christopher (New York)
    Erin and David (Ohio)
    Sharon and Froilan – Philippines
    Christine and Tony (New York)
    Sheleda and Clint (Chicago)
    Nina and Josel (AZ)
    Lanette and Bruce (California)
    Christina and Cervando
    Jessica and Mickey
    Daisy and Noemi
    Dale and Trystan
    Ann and Sam
    Carole and Jackie
    Karen and Pat
    Jessica and Ken
    Johanna and Scott
    Evangela and Mario
    Marylou Angelie and Oliver
    Melissa and Bryan
    Annette and Ciaran
    Aurielle and Rayshawn
    Jes and Joe
    Shannon and Matt (C’ville, PA)
    Jessica and Samuel
    Debra and Brandon
    Marcella and Muzi
    Tara and Joe
    Laura and Todd, New York
    Jessie and Daniel
    Tetet and Dan
    Felicia and Douglas
    Meena and husband
    Cheryl and husband
    Judy and Patrick
    Stefanie and Michael
    Marci and Rob
    Susana and Ramon
    Janet and Devan, Malaysia
    Alicia and Patrick (Surprise,AZ)
    Lorraine and Victor (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
    Ashley and Kent
    Melody and Manuel (Bakersfield)
    Stephanie and Rich
    Sara and Mike
    Jehan and Philip
    Monica and David
    Ruth and Joe
    Kathy and Ricky
    Betsy and Sylvestres
    Kimberly and Chris
    Janella and joe
    Connie and Billy
    Deb and Ted
    Emily and Jeff
    Nicole and Matthew, PA
    Beverly and Khary, NC
    Kristi and Alex
    Anna and Noel
    Erin and Alex
    Renee and Eric, MD
    Anna Marie and Ron
    Taheira and Eric
    OkJ and BJ
    Jess and Sean, PA
    Chris and Andy
    Mitch and Ray
    Elizabeth and Daniel
    Kay and Tim, TX
    Hakeem and Moji, Nigeria
    janelle and kc (wichita ks)
    Jolandi and Fernando
    Gerry and Susie (Hong Kong)
    Melissa and Dwayne
    Jar and Arnold
    Karen and Henry (Newark, DE)
    Janelle (wichita, ks)
    Kaleena and Gary (TN)
    Maria and Ariel
    Maria and husband
    Ruby and Lauro
    Rachel and Justin
    Monica and Gary
    Mandi and Jeremy
    Gemma and Simon
    Aveyon and Brandon
    Bille Jane and kelton
    Heather and Matt
    Christine and Fabio (New York)
    Krista and Mark
    Allison and Jared (VIrginia)
    Tonya and Edward
    Yvette and Moses (TX)
    Nicole and husband
    Angel and Kurt
    Rachel and Jacob (PA)
    Sue and Chris (Florida)
    Susan and Steven (California)
    Sophia and Joy
    Cindy and Jarrid
    Muskan and Himanshu
    Kendra and Dennis (Vermont)
    Rita and Mike (Missouri)
    Michelle and Chris (Texas)
    Njeri and Mwaura (Nairobi, Kenya)
    Lisa and Anthony (Point Pleasant, NJ)
    KMPW and JOW (Texas)
    Ebony D. and Trevor S.
    Carolyn and Jim (New York)
    Raina and Nick (Illinois)
    Heather and Brady (Michigan)
    Cat and Jeff (Florida)

    To be blessed with children.

    ©2004 – 2015 Written by: Praying4ababy

    Thank you all very much for joining us in prayer and may God bless all of us with children. Please keep us updated on your progress!!