Pregnancy Miracle – Trying To Conceive A Baby

Pregnancy Miracle - Trying To Conceive a Baby
by Katie Adler

The dream of many women around the world is to become pregnant. Many couples and our society as a whole tend to place great importance and value in having children. Unfortunately conceiving a baby is not always the easiest process. A couple trying to conceive a baby and who are having problems often seek professional help.

There are several reasons why a couple may not be able to conceive quickly, and so it is important to remember the following things -

First: There is only a twenty percent chance of pregnancy each month, for a fertile, healthy, and young couple. Second: The average couple will need five to six months to get pregnant. Third: Out of every six couples, one has a hard time getting pregnant. Fourth: In forty percent of infertility cases, it is caused by the man, another forty percent is because of the woman, and the remaining twenty percent is because of both the female and male factors. Fifth: The sperm can survive within a woman's body for five days, but a released egg can survive within a woman's body for only twenty-four hours. Sixth: The length of a woman's menstrual cycle needs to be studied and considered because ovulation may not occur on the typical 14th day of the cycle as it does for most women. Seventh: It is even possible for a woman to ovulate during her period.

Now when you're trying to conceive, you must consider these simple dos and don'ts. Do have sex regularly, have sex once a day near the time of ovulation, make healthy lifestyle choices, take your vitamins, and consider preconception planning. On the other hand, don't smoke, drink alcohol, and take medication without consulting your health care provider.

Trying to conceive a baby may require some effort and timing. And once a woman has conceived, she is in for a world of change.

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